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Sports Rehab at Touch Stone Rehabilitation and Health Center

Any athlete, performing at any level of competition, can suffer a painful and debilitating sport injury from time to time. These injuries not only force individuals to spend time away from the activities they love, but they can also interfere with work and home life. To make matters worse, the longer a sports injury goes untreated, the more difficulties it may cause. That's why our team at Touch Stone Rehabilitation and Health Center with a variety of sports rehab treatment and solutions to get our patients off the bench and back in the game.

Your Sports Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation Resource

A sports injury may be the result of a violent impact on, or repetitive use of, the affected area. Repetitive use injuries frequently take the form of muscle strains, sprains and connective tissue inflammation. Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow, for instance, are caused by strain and inflammation of two different tendons at the elbow joint; both may be caused or worsened by poor swing technique, posture, spinal alignment or muscular balance. Runner's knee is another kind of repetitive use injury. It can stem from biomechanical issues such as spinal misalignment, or from weakened or strained hamstrings and quadriceps muscles.

Our combination of treatment methodologies provides comprehensive sports injury treatment and sports rehab all under one roof. Before we can rehabilitate an injury, it may be necessary to repair or correct any underlying musculoskeletal problems that make the patient especially prone to injury or re-injury. Chiropractic adjustment and other non-invasive treatments can prove enormously helpful in setting the groundwork for effective sports rehab work. 

The sports rehab program itself may include several different techniques aimed at reducing pain and inflammation, accelerating the healing process, and building up strength and flexibility where your body needs it most. Rehabilitation physician Dr. Christopher Perez, MD evaluates each sport injury case individually so he can create a customized rehab program. ROM (Range of Motion) testing gives us a baseline indication of how your injury affects your flexibility and functionality, both before treatment and as a measure of the treatment's progress. Nerve conduction testing enables us to pinpoint nerve impingements or impairments, while EMG (electromyogram) testing reveals the state of electrical activity within the muscles.

Physical therapy and corrective exercises are an important part of sports injury rehab. Weakened or unevenly developed muscles are more vulnerable to overuse or contact injuries, and these muscles may be weakened further by forced inactivity during the recovery period. Natural pain relief techniques such as massage therapy, ice/heat therapy and ultrasound therapy, can relieve painful inflammation and help injured tissues heal themselves. at the same time, gentle corrective exercises can help the muscles regain or even surpass their former flexibility and strength. Once you are fully recovered, we can recommend ongoing wellness practices to help you stay strong and continue enjoying your favorite activities. Contact our clinic for more information about our sports injury treatment services at 718-356-9222.