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Physical Therapy FAQ

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is an exercise session led by our trained physical therapists here at Touchstone Rehabilitation & Health Center. Our therapists gently guide you through stretching, strengthening and range of motion exercises to help you recover from an injury. If you find your mobility limited, our therapists and chiropractic care can return your body to a healthy state and re-gain your active lifestyle.

How Does Physical Therapy Work?

Touchstone Rehabilitation & Health Center has a fully-equipped workout area in which your therapy occurs. Our PT's teach you strengthening exercises to help reduce muscular imbalances which can pull on your joints and spine and result in pain. Some of the exercises are passive in which the therapist will move your body through stretches to increase your range of motion. Other exercises, you perform yourself to enhance your balance, strength and flexibility.

What does Physical Therapy benefit?

Whether you have a new injury from a sports incident or a work or automobile accident, physical therapy is the place to help your body heal. Our PT's evaluate your condition and teach you exercises to give you back your body. You learn techniques to use at home to help speed up your recovery. PT can help with shoulder limitations, hip and knee injuries, back and neck pain, ankle concerns and more. If you just do not feel that your body is the way it used to be, schedule an appointment at our Staten Island, NY clinic and let us provide you with non-surgical and natural options to return your health.

What other techniques are used?

Our Physical Therapists may also use heat and cold treatments to reduce inflammation and promote circulation to your injured areas. We offer cold laser therapy to penetrate through the soft tissues and enhance healing for conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Touchstone Rehabilitation & Health Center also provides ultrasound therapy to target the pain of stiff and frozen joints. If you are suffering from bursitis, myofascial pain or sprains, ultrasound provides a gentle, non-invasive relief without the worry of surgery. However, if you are recovering from surgery, physical therapy boosts your recovery and provides you with comfort. We can guide you through the recovery process and monitor your progress so you can quickly return to your previous state of wellness.

Can I combine PT with other treatments?

Physical Therapy easily combines with our other services such as chiropractic care and massage therapy. The goal of all three treatments is to equalize the body so that each area functions at top performance. That way, the body does not unnecessarily pull on other areas and cause pain. Our care providers communicate with each and with you to perfect your treatment plan. Physical therapy easily fits into your routine and your other care programs.

When should I begin physical therapy?

Call us today at 718-356-9222 to schedule an evaluation at Touch Stone Rehabilitation & Health Center in Staten Island, NY and begin your physical therapy soon!