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Staten Island Whiplash Treatment Offers Pain Relief

If you suffer from neck pain as the result of an auto accident injury, you are likely suffering from the symptoms of whiplash, which is unfortunately all too common after a car accident. When a moving vehicle strikes an unmoving vehicle from behind, it forces the heads and necks of passengers inside the parked vehicle to move forward and back in a rapid motion. This quick movement is known as a cervical acceleration-deceleration (CAD), and can be extremely damaging. This whip-like motion, hence the term whiplash, causes the vertebrae in the neck to hyperextend and hyperflex. This spinal distortion strains ligaments and muscles and sometimes tears the discs which lay between vertebrae, causing painful herniated discs.

Auto accident injuries resulting in whiplash might not appear serious immediately after an accident, but neck pain and other debilitating symptoms usually occur within 24 hours of a collision. In addition to the neck pain and stiffness commonly associated with whiplash, symptoms can also include arm pain, arm numbness or weakness, headaches, jaw pain, shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness, dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Some severe cases of whiplash can also cause difficulty concentrating, insomnia, irritability, and depression. If you ever experience any of these symptoms as a result of an auto accident injury, seek medical attention immediately; with the proper treatment, you can experience a full recovery and free yourself from these unpleasant symptoms.

Begin to Heal Your Spinal Injury with Chiropractic Care

At Touch Stone Rehabilitation and Health Center, Dr. DiMaggio treats patients suffering from spinal injuries and their painfully debilitating symptoms. We recognize that every spinal injury is different and requires a unique treatment plan. Depending on the type and severity of your spinal injury symptoms, we will design a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. After an initial consultation and examination, Dr. DiMaggio will immediately prescribe a wellness plan to heal your spinal injury involving chiropractic manipulation, corrective exercise, and massage therapy.

Chiropractic care at Touch Stone Rehabilitation and Heath Center aims to achieve total health and balance for our patients. Your wellness plan will include physical activities to heal your spinal injury as well as lifestyle advice and nutritional counseling to help you achieve an optimal level of wellbeing. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle will accelerate your healing process, helping you achieve a state of wellness even faster. The combination of these treatments, lifestyle adjustments, and nutritional changes will help to heal your auto accident injury, reduce neck pain, increase mobility, and restore your ability to live a normal, healthy life.

Although the symptoms associated with auto accident injuries can seem debilitating and life-altering, with the proper chiropractic care and the right set of treatments, patients can achieve full recovery, returning to their previous activities and routines free from pain.