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Acupuncture FAQ

What Is Acupuncture?

Nearly five millennia have passed since the basic tenets of acupuncture were developed by Chinese healers. To call this method of pain relief "alternative" is in some ways a misleading reference to an ancient and effective way to promote healing of the body's ills. The practice consists of utilizing specific pressure points along neural pathways in the body to transmit restorative energy to areas in need of relief.

Electromagnetic research has confirmed that the body has approximately 1,000 of these pressure points that are tapped by inserting a hair-thin metallic needle under the skin. Ancient Chinese physicians called the healing energy QI, and used needles to divert the healing force from one area to another.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Patients might feel a slight "prick," but some feel nothing at all when the needles are inserted.  During an acupuncture session, many people find that they are relaxed enough to rest comfortably, perhaps even dozing for the 20 minutes or so that the needles remain "implanted." Our trained acupuncturist, Anthony Sclafani, does everything possible to instill a feeling of calm; it is common that lighting will be dimmed, and patients are made comfortable with pillows on the treatment table. There are often pleasant images on the walls, and some practitioners even play soft music.

What Conditions Are Helped by Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is not a "miracle cure," but it has been proven effective in the treatment of chronic pain from arthritis, or for conditions such as carpal tunnel, some headaches and persistent lower back pain. It can also be employed as a supplementary treatment for patients undergoing chemotherapy or for those suffering from depression or just a general feeling of malaise. The treatment has also been used effectively to alleviate insomnia, speed recovery from the common cold, aid in weight loss or smoking cessation and to reduce stress.

When acupuncture is employed during pregnancy, studies have shown benefits for both mother and child; shorter and more comfortable labor and a more positive birth experience have been documented.

Is Acupuncture a Stand-Alone Treatment?

Commonly, acupuncture is used as a supplementary therapy with chiropractic treatment or alongside other Western medicine. Our chiropractor, Dr. DiMaggio, works closely with our state-licensed acupuncturist, Anthony, to develop a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan that is tailored to individual needs. We at Touch Stone Rehabilitation & Health Center always consult with you, the client, and fully explain all procedures before recommending specific therapies. We do, however, affirm the benefits of acupuncture and view it as just another tool that can be employed to speed recovery and help our patients along the path to lifetime wellness.

How Fast Will I See Results?

It depends on your condition, but some patients feel better after only one treatment. Others continue to see our caring practitioner on a regular basis for weeks or months. It is not uncommon to return periodically for a session, much like scheduling a "booster" vaccination.

If you have a condition you think might be helped by acupuncture, schedule an appointment at Touch Stone Rehabilitation & Health Center today by contacting us at 718-356-9222.